Albany Natural Trailriders

Albany Natural Trailriders

Albany Natural Trailriders

A friendly club based in Albany on the South Coast in Western Australia, applying the principles...

Club information
Name: Albany Natural Trailriders
  • Description
    Albany Natural Trailriders (ANTs) is a group of riders from Albany and the surrounding areas on the south coast of Western Australia.  We promote natural horsemanship in trailriding.

    We meet twice a month, once for a play day where we learn, share and practice natural horsemanship methods and once for a trail ride through our beautiful countryside.  Our rides could be on the coast through Torbay, Walpole, Albany, or in the bush and rural roads in Denmark, Plantagenet or Redmond.  Wherever there is a horse trail, you'll find we go there!

    We comply with ATHRA's Code of Conduct, which means that our rides are well managed with an accredited Trail Boss to ensure the safety of horses and riders.

    If you are interested in participating in a ride or a play day, we welcome you along.  You can ride with us without being a member for the first two rides, the only fees that you are required to pay is ATHRA insurance.  On your third ride with us, you are asked to become a member.
  • History
    ANTs was originally formed by a student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Tom Maher.  Tom passed away in 2004 and a band of members has nurtured the club since this time.

    Our group has grown in number and strength to the point where we now have over 20 members, with between 5 and 10 attending each ride or play day.

    Our Committee meets every 2 months to help plan future rides and play days.

    We prepare a newsletter monthly.  If you would like to receive an example of the newsletter which outlines our activities and includes additional information, please contact us.
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    Western Australia
  • Club Admin
    Albany Natural Trailriders
  • Current Executives

    President: Julie Robins 
    Vice President: Rebecca Dell
    Secretary: Melanie Price
    Treasurer: Melissa Weir
    Media: Carol Roberts

    Webmaster: Eva Bett

  • Contact Details

    Secretary:  Melanie Price
    76 Festing Street
    Albany  WA  6330
    Ph:  0447446343

    Club Address: 76 Festing Street, Albany, Western Australia, 6330