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Be a part of Australia’s premier representative body for Trail Horse Riders.

Ride with confidence when you have an ATHRA club membership.

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pdf IMS-GU-008 Rules Of Association V20200417 Popular

Download (pdf, 393 KB)

IMS-GU-008 Rules of Association V20200417.pdf

ATHRA 's Rules of Association (also referred to as the Constitution), with amendments as agreed at the AGM on 29 March 2020.

The Constitution sets out how the Association is to be managed, the obligations of the people who management it, the extent of the authority conferred on its management, and the rights and obligations of its members.

pdf IMS-GU-010 ATHRA Code Of Conduct V20200806 Popular

Download (pdf, 764 KB)

IMS-GU-010 ATHRA Code of Conduct V20200728.pdf

The ATHRA Code of Conduct is a set of principles that are binding on all clubs and individual members of the association. It defines the expectations on how its members should act among each other and with those outside the association.

pdf IMS-GU-055 Notification of Public Officer V20190720 Popular

Download (pdf, 248 KB)

IMS-GU-055 Notification of Public Officer V20190720.pdf

Acknowledgement from the NSW Department of Fair Trading regarding changes to the Department's record for ATHRA's appointed Public officer.

pdf IMS-P-001 Board Members Code of Conduct V20210721 Popular

Download (pdf, 187 KB)

IMS-P-001 Board Members Code of Conduct V20210721.pdf

This Policy defines the expected standards of conduct associated with holding a position on ATHRA's Executive Board.

pdf IMS-P-006 Privacy V20210729 Popular

Download (pdf, 201 KB)

IMS-P-006 Privacy V20210729.pdf

ATHRA observes the National Privacy Principles (NPP) as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth). This is the Association’s Privacy Policy Statement.

pdf IMS-P-011 Dispute resolution V20210729 Popular

Download (pdf, 209 KB)

IMS-P-011 Dispute Resolution V20210729.pdf

ATHRA's policy and guidelines for the resolution of disputes and complaints at the club level, in a fair, equitable and timely manner and leading to solutions acceptable to all parties.

pdf IMS-P-012 ATHRA Life Membership V20190720 Popular

Download (pdf, 212 KB)

IMS-P-012 ATHRA Life Membership V20190720.pdf

Policy document defining the criteria for nomination of individuals for life membership of ATHRA.

pdf IMS-P-013 Child Protection V20210729 Popular

Download (pdf, 213 KB)

IMS-P-013 Child Protection V20210729.pdf

ATHRA's policy for the protection of children.

pdf IMS-P-014 ATHRA Position Holder Code of Conduct V20210729 Popular

Download (pdf, 192 KB)

IMS-P-014 ATHRA Position Holder Code of Conduct V20210729.pdf

Code of Conduct for ATHRA's Volunteer Position Holders and members of any Sub-Committee.

pdf IMS-P-016 Horse Health and Welfare Policy V20200806 Popular

Download (pdf, 673 KB)

IMS-P-016 Horse Health and Welfare Policy V20200806.pdf

The Australian Trail Horse Riders Association is committed to ensuring that a high standard of horse health and welfare is maintained for all horses participating at ATHRA sactioned events.

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