folder Annual General Meeting


pdf ATHRA 2018 AGM Agenda

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ATHRA 2018 Agenda AGM.pdf

ATHRA 2018 AGM Agenda

spreadsheet IMS-F-025 Proxy Voting Form V20130131 Popular

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IMS-F-025 Proxy Voting Form V20130131.doc

Proxy voting form to be used by affiliated clubs to nominate a person as their proxy to vote on the club's behalf at an Annual General Meeting or General Meeting

pdf IMS-GU-040 2015 AGM Meeting Minutes V20150419 Popular

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IMS-GU-040 2015 AGM Meeting Minutes V20150419.pdf

Meeting Minutes from the 2015 Regional Managers' Workshop and General Meeting, and the 2015 Annual General Meeting

pdf IMS-GU-042 2016 AGM Minutes V20160306 Popular

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IMS-GU-042 2016 AGM Minutes V20160306.pdf

Meeting Minutes from the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

pdf IMS-GU-043 2016 Audited Accounts V20160306 Popular

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IMS-GU-043 2016 Audited Accounts V20160306.pdf

Detailed audited accounts for the year 2015. Presented at the 2016 AGM.

pdf IMS-GU-044 2016 Executive Board Reports V20160306 Popular

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IMS-GU-044 2016 Executive Board Reports V20160306.pdf

These Directors reports were tabled at the 2016 AGM

pdf IMS-GU-045 2016 Minutes Regional Managers Meeting V20160306 Popular

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IMS-GU-045 Minutes 2016 Regional Managers Meeting V20160306.pdf

Minutes from the Regional Managers Meeting on the 4-5 March 2016 prior to the 2016 AGM.

pdf IMS-GU-051 2017 RM & AGM Minutes V20170407 Popular

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IMS-GU-051 AGM Minutes 2017 V20170407.pdf

Minutes of the 2017 Regional Managers Workshop and Annual General Meeting, 31 Mar to 02 Apr 2017.

pdf IMS-GU-053 2017 Executive Board Reports V20170420 Popular

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IMS-GU-053 2017 Executive Board Reports V20170420.pdf

Director's Reports tabled at the ATHRA 2017 Annual General Meeting.