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document IMS-F-001 Annual Club Affilation V20170505

Download (doc, 69 KB)

IMS-F-001 Annual Club Affiliation V20170505.doc

Application form for clubs to apply for affiliation with ATHRA.

document IMS-F-002 Annual Club Report V20151015

Download (doc, 90 KB)

IMS-F-002 Annual Club Report V20151015.doc

The Annual Club Report provides statistics about the club, its members and their rides and events each year.

document IMS-F-003 Club Executive Advice V20170216

Download (doc, 83 KB)

IMS-F-003 Club Executive Advice V20170216.doc

Use this form to advise ATHRA of the contact details for your club's key position holders (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Contact)

document IMS-F-005 Club Membership Application V20170202 Popular

Download (doc, 86 KB)

IMS-F-005 Club Membership Application V20170202.doc

This is a pro-forma form in Word format which Clubs may choose to use as their own Club member application form. It captures all of the information needed for ATHRA member registration.

The form is not for submission to ATHRA.

document IMS-F-007 Club Member Registration Form V20170512 Popular

Download (doc, 86 KB)

IMS-F-007 Club Member Registration V20170512.doc

This form is used to advise the personal details of club members for registration as members of ATHRA.
The preferred method of membership registration is via online. See the ATHRA website homepage.
Clubs can refer to the video tutorials or user manual for instructions.

pdf IMS-GU-006 New Club Information Pack V20170427

Download (pdf, 425 KB)

IMS-GU-006 New Club Information Pack V20170427.pdf

Everything you need to know about starting a new club and affiliating it with ATHRA

pdf IMS-GU-048 ATHRA Online Registration Information V20160308 Popular

Download (pdf, 517 KB)

IMS-GU-048 ATHRA Online Registration Information V20160803.pdf

This document provides clubs executives with important information on how to prepare for online membership registration.
The document gives a background to the upgrade and how to set up your clubs payment gateway (PayPal).

pdf test

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Camp Flyer Pub.pdf

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