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New England Trail Riders Association

New England Trail Riders Association

New England Trail Riders Association

NETRA welcomes riders of all ages and abilities. We invite you to come and explore the New England with us...

Club information
Name: New England Trail Riders Association

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  • Description

    NETRA is a non-competitive family friendly Club catering for all ages and abilities. Safety and support of each other is a priority. Rides take place on private properties and state forests. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to ride in some very beautiful areas in the New England.

    Rides are usually held on the first Sunday of the month.  Day rides are generally held within 100 kilometres of Armidale. Overnight rides can be further afield.  

    When some riders want to trot/canter we divide into two groups, so those who want to continue to walk can do so.  Riders need to remain in view of each other.

    Our Club values friendship, relaxation and fun riding our horses in beautiful country. We hope you will enjoy!   Please call with any enquiries.

    You might like to visit our Facebook Group called NETRA NSW.

  • History
    NETRA started 10 years ago.
  • Category
    New South Wales
  • Club Admin
    New England Trail Riders Association
  • Current Executives

    President: Deborah Creed

    Vice President: Vacant position.

    Secretary: Carmel Perrott

    Treasurer: Lorraine Jenkyn 

    Publicity:  Carmel Perrott

  • Contact Details

    Carmel Perrott - perrott.carmel@gmail.com 0401 525 455

    Deborah Creed - deacea1959@hotmail.com 0458 751 134

    Club Address: 27 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky, NSW, 2354



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