Affiliation guidelines

  1. Re-affiliation with ATHRA becomes due on Ist January each year. The affiliation fees should be paid as close as possible to this time of year to ensure that insurance cover is maintained. Any new membership or club joining after 1st October are current until the end of the following year.
  2. Each club forwards their affiliation return sheet which lists all their financial members together with payment of the fees applicable to the number of members listed. If this is incorrect the Club Secretary should be advised immediately and a shortfall should be paid by the relevant club as soon as possible. Overpayments should be noted and deducted from the club's next payment. A receipt is issued for the amount paid.
  3. If a member is already financial with another affiliated club and has paid their ATHRA membership via the other club, they should produce their ATHRA card for your information. The club needs only to charge their relevant `in house' membership fees, and no further fee needs to be sent to ATHRA for these `associate' members.
  4. Affiliation return sheets should be sent to the ATHRA Membership Secretary on a monthly basis, together with a cheque to cover the total fees payable for all members registered that month.
  5. ATHRA Membership Secretary enters memberships into National database.  ATHRA Membership Secretary issues membership cards.