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pdf ATHRA June 2018 Newsletter

Download (pdf, 995 KB)

Trail Tales JUNE 2018 WEB.pdf

The latest newsletter from ATHRA

pdf ATHRA March 2018 Newsletter

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Trail Tales March 2018 WEB.pdf

The March 2018 copy of Trail Tales

document IMS-F-022 Application for ATHRA Funding V20170725 Popular

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IMS-F-022 Application for ATHRA Funding V20170725.doc

Clubs can use this form to apply for an ATHRA grant of up to $500 to fund all or part of the cost of a special project or purchase.

Please note equipment purchases must be made by the Regional Manager not the club. All equipment remains the property of ATHRA.

spreadsheet IMS-F-024 Club Cash Book Template V20130128 Popular

Download (xlsx, 968 KB)

IMS-F-024 Club Cash Book Template V20130128.xlsx

This is a simple Excel spreadsheet designed for Club Treasurers needing a tool to help them manage their Club’s cash flow.

default IMS-GU-002 Forms and Procedures V20140221 Popular

Download (pdf, 528 KB)

IMS-GU-002 Forms and Procedures V20140221.pdf

A summary of all the forms and information guides available to Clubs and relating to:

Contacting ATHRA, affiliation, club member registration, fees and funding, the website, insurance, managing trail rides, special events and charity rides, trail ride challenges, member accreditation, merchandise and governance.

pdf IMS-GU-015 Guide to Combatting Phytophthora V20130202 Popular

Download (pdf, 448 KB)

IMS-GU-015 Guide to Combatting Phytophthora V20130202.pdf

A guide to combatting Phytophthora, a soil and waterborne fungi that kill a wide variety of native plant species, fruits, vegetables, nuts and ornamental plants.

This disease can be spread by all bush user groups, including bush walkers, mountain and motor bike riders, park management vehicles, four wheel drives etc., and native and domestic animals, including horses.

pdf IMS-GU-021 ATHRA Fee Schedule V20170825 Popular

Download (pdf, 1.37 MB)

IMS-GU-021 ATHRA Fee Schedule V20170825.pdf

Provides information about ATHRA's fees (member registration, ride visitors, club affiliation, Accreditation, etc), plus ATHRA's bank account details for electronic payments.

pdf IMS-GU-022 Sharing the Bush V20130601 Popular

Download (pdf, 437 KB)

IMS-GU-022 Sharing the Bush V20130601.pdf

A guide for trail bike riders, vehicles, cyclists and walkers meeting horse riders in the bush

pdf IMS-GU-054 Newsletter Standards V20170505 Popular

Download (pdf, 71 KB)

IMS-GU-054 Newsletter Standards V20170505.pdf

This document sets out the content requirements for any member or club sending in articles to be published in the ATHRA newsletter Trail Tails.