Monaro Horse Trekkers Inc

Monaro Horse Trekkers Inc

Monaro Horse Trekkers Inc

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Name: Monaro Horse Trekkers Inc

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  • Description

    Canberra is unique for trail riding in that the Bicentennial National Trail and the interconnecting Equestrian Trails make it ideal to live in the city enjoy riding through the area. Monaro Horse Trekkers welcomes new members and we are a family orientated club. If you have a horse suitable for a group and can ride, this small friendly supportive club will suit you. Family members join in on our camps fishing, cycling and walking.

  • History

    Monaro Horse Trekkers Inc welcomes new members. We're a small group of riders of all ages with our own horses who enjoy exploring the countryside in and around Canberra and neighbouring NSW. The emphasis is on fun and adventure in a safe and supportive environment. The pace varies - walking, trotting, cantering - depending on group dynamics and terrain, with horse and rider welfare paramount. Your horse must be comfortable in a group, you need your own horse transport and - most importantly - a sense of adventure. The club is keen to find different places to explore.

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    Australian Capital Territory
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    Monaro Horse Trekkers Inc
  • Current Executives
    PRESIDENT:                           Lisa Camp
    SECRETARY:                          Sue Mackenzie
    TREASURER:                          Karen Carter
    VICE PRESIDENT:                  Helen Palma
    ACTEA Representative:           Beth Stone
  • Contact Details
    Karen Carter
    0427 279 049

    Club Address: Canberra, Canberra, ACT, 2601