ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge Update

We have now completed the changes to the ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge and its ready for clubs to

In making changes to the Trail Ride Challenge, the Board recognised the fact that the original
concept had great merit. It is the Boards view that ATHRA must continually look to add value in
what we offer to clubs and members. Importantly we must continue to look at ways clubs can keep
their existing members coming back and look to encourage new membership. It is especially
important we attract younger members to ATHRA as they will be the future executives of clubs and
the ATHRA organisation.

In making the changes to the ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge we took on board comments from
members and we reviewed feedback from the 2014 AGM breakout sessions.
It was clear the concept needed alteration and simplification.

So what have we done?…….

The ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge is a club based event, run over a set course containing 14
challenges. Each participant is timed over the course and the 14 challenges. A trail boss is ideally
suited to act as judge and time keeper. It is easy for clubs to host, it is as competitive or non
competitive as clubs and members decide. There are no application forms to complete. To
participate in The ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge clubs members sign the ride register as they would
a regular club trail ride.

The purpose of the ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge is to provide a ‘fun’ event that can educate riders
and horses, promote ATHRA and clubs to new members and give some of our existing members
an alternative club activity.

The ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge is a great component for ‘come try’ days, ideally suited to
promote clubs. The ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge can be incorporated into other community based
events such as agricultural shows.

We encourage clubs to host an ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge and provide us with feedback.
All the information, including a sample course layout and time sheet is on the ATHRA website
under the Trail Ride Challenge tab. We also have a short video of the ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge
in action.

Watch it at ATHRA Trail Ride Challenge Video.

You can contact your regional manager or Vince Sherry on 0417416084 for more information.