*** IMPORTANT ATHRA Insurance Announcement ***

DATE: Friday, 2nd January 2015

ATHRA is pleased to advise that after many months of discussion and negotiation it has secured for its members 24/7 public liability insurance for equine related trail riding activities at no additional cost as part of your existing ATHRA membership.

What you should know?

ATHRA has purchased an extension to its current $20 million Public Liability policy and as such it’s important to note;

1.       The 24/7 cover applies only to current financial members

2.       Cover is for non-income earning equine related trail riding activities

3.       The activities relate only to a member’s own horse(s) (or horses clearly in the member’s control)

4.       The cover applies only where no other policy is applicable or available, such as business, property owners, other association activity, etc.

This policy does NOT cover:

a.       Non equine related activities

b.      Income earning activities or activities where remuneration is involved (eg: paid horse training/breaking, rider instruction, horse sales etc)

c.       Property owners liability, Including horses escaping from, or out of their paddock,

d.      Non trail riding events or activities sanctioned or run by other associations or entities.

e.      Other persons riding the member’s horse or horses.

For each and every claim on this 24/7 PL policy an excess of $2500 will apply which is payable by the claiming member.

So how has this come about?

For some time now, the ATHRA Board has received many queries about 24/7 PL Insurance from a number of ATHRA members. In response to our members request and due to the significant increase in ATHRA Insurance in 2014, the Board has engaged with Affinity Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies holding long and fruitful negotiations. These discussions have resulted in a savings to the expected 2015 ATHRA insurance policies plus the ability to add this 24/7 extension to its suite of policies.

If the cost of the policies has reduced why has membership cost increased?

Why not reduce the membership cost back to the 2014 amount?

The cost of the policies are still well above the 2010-2013 costs. ATHRA absorbed the significant increase costs of the policies for 2014 & 2015. This cost the association in excess of $75,000. This money was earmarked as contingency for such occasions. The organisation now needs to recover the contingency dollars so it is again in good financial order.

How do you make a claim?

As per all claims, a report needs to be sent to ATHRA’s Insurance Coordinator stating ATHRA membership, club, name, horse involved, horse owner, description of the event, damage caused etc and witness statements if any.

A form will shortly be developed and available off of www.athra.com.au.


Tony Hart

ATHRA GM & Director Technical Training