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BSTHRC - Kingston Pub Ride Thursday 8th July 2021

BSTHRC - Kingston Pub Ride Thursday 8th July 2021
BSTHRC - Kingston Pub Ride Thursday 8th July 2021
Jul 08

BSTHRC - Kingston Pub Ride Thursday 8th July 2021

Event Info
Category: Victorian Event
Date & Time: Jul 08 2021 at 09:00 AM - Jul 08 2021 at 02:30 PM

  • Discription

    Enquiries & Nominations to Alan Salter at alg_salter@bigpond.com or 0427 357 941

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: On DAYS OF TOTAL FIRE BAN all rides are automatically cancelled. If extreme weather conditions are forecast for the day of a planned ride or event, it is your responsibility to phone the ride Coordinator to confirm if the ride is still proceeding, or if details have been changed.

    Day Members must contact the Club before registering online.


    Day Members and ATHRA members from other clubs are welcome to nominate. All nominations must be emailed in the format below to alg_salter@bigpond.com : Nominations are deemed a rider’s signature on the Attendance Register. All ride fees must be placed in a receptacle upon arrival, please bring exact money. Day Members must contact Alan Salter before registering online.

    RIDE FEES – Club Members $2 – Day Members and other ATHRA Members $5.

    I, (enter your name), wish to nominate for the Kingston Pub Ride on the 8th July 2021. I declare that I have not knowingly been exposed to Covid-19 and that I do not feel unwell, nor do I have a cold or flu like symptoms. My Emergency Contact is, (enter contact name & phone No).

    (Hint – Copy & paste the nomination & health declaration into your email & add your details when nominating)

                                                            Ride Description


    Meeting at 99 Birch’s Creek Road, Kingston. Ignore the “No Through Road” sign because the venue is at the end of the road. Bryan McKimmie is kindly hosting this ride at very short notice at his family’s home. Toilet available, and town water on tap to wash and water horses.

    RIDE: 50% of this ride is on open roadsides, mainly gravel, in most places riders can get off the road onto grass verges. Lunch will be at the Kingston Hotel where the meal is recommended by our reconnaissance riders. This is an opportunity for those wishing to socialise and hanging out for a trail ride. Please arrive as early as you can because the ride out will be at 10-00 am sharp. Horseless Muster just prior to ride out. Two hours ride to Commercial Hotel Kingston for lunch – back at floats by 2pm.


    Pub lunch, don’t forget to bring your money or card.

    Ballarat Social Trail Horse Riders Club - Covid-19 Ride Protocols – revised 26/02/21.

    1. No more than 50* riders will be permitted to attend a ride or event during Government imposed restrictions relating to the Covid-19 Pandemic. (*Number subject to revision).

    2. If more than 50* nominations are received for a ride, a ballot will be held to determine who will ride. (A rider who is balloted out of a ride shall have priority at their next ride).

    3. All attendees must nominate by email to Alan Salter. The nomination will be filed and regarded as an electronic signature on the Attendance Register, and must include:

    (a) A declaration or comment that the nominee has not knowingly been exposed to Covid-19 and they do not feel unwell or have a cold or any flu like symptoms, and

    (b) An Emergency Contact name & phone number.

    4. If subsequent to nominating for a ride, a nominee has contact with Covid-19, becomes unwell, or has cold or flu like symptoms, they MUST immediately advise the Club and MUST NOT attend the ride.

    5. To avoid unnecessary risk of contamination attendees will NOT be required to sign the actual Ride Attendance Register.

    6. All Ride Attendance Registers used during the Government restriction period shall include an acknowledgement that the attendee does not feel unwell or have flu like symptoms. Their emailed nomination will be regarded as a declaration to that effect.

    7. The Trail Boss or a Club Official shall have the discretion to exclude a rider if they believe that rider’s participation may place others at risk, and that rider shall leave the venue immediately.

    8. All attendees shall conscientiously observe social distancing and remain at least 1.5 metres away from others.

    9. The Club will provide hand sanitiser and hand wash at all rides and events. Wherever possible water will be made available for washing of hands.

    10. Members must observe recognised biosecurity measures, washing hands regularly and after contact with another rider and / or their equipment or property.

    11. Horse floats shall be parked so as to allow good social distancing.

    12. The Club recommends that all attendees supply their own towels. There shall be no sharing of tack or equipment, water buckets, sponges, towels etc.

    13. Club equipment such as radios will be sanitised before and after each ride.

    14. The First Aid kit shall be upgraded to contain face masks, rubber gloves, & hand sanitiser.

    15. The Club strongly recommends and asks that members or other persons attending rides or events during the Restriction Period download the COVIDSafe app to their phone.

    16. All ride fees must be paid upon arrival at the ride venue, the exact ride fee placed in a named, sealed envelope with the ride name & date. Fees will be reconciled in accordance with recognised biosecurity practice.

    17. Day Members and non-Club ATHRA members will NOT be eligible to ride with the Club during Covid-19 Restrictions.

    B.S.T.H.R.C. Club Rules

    1. Members should become familiar with the ATHRA Code of Conduct & these BSTHRC Rules.

    2. Sick horses must not be brought to Club rides or events. If you suspect your horse is ill DO NOT bring it. Members should be mindful of horse health & welfare issues and apply appropriate biosecurity strategies at all times.

    3. No person shall attend a Club ride or other event if they feel unwell in any way, or have a temperature, or are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms.

    4. All participants must pay the ride fee when registering and sign the Attendance Register, record their PIC number (if they have one) and provide emergency contact details. (Covid Protocols take precedence.)


    6. Riders under 18 years must wear an approved riding helmet.

    7. Riders under 16 must be accompanied & supervised by parent, guardian, or an adult member nominated in writing by the parent or guardian.

    8. All riders must carry a lead rope and halter.

    9. Horses known to kick must wear a red ribbon in their tail.

    10. All riders must advise the Trail Boss of any pre-existing medical condition prior to the commencement of the ride.

    11. Horses must be appropriately conditioned & fit for the intended ride, with adequately conditioned feet or shod.

    12. Stallions may only be used after prior approval from the Committee & must display a blue ribbon on head gear & tail.

    13. Breastplates and Cruppers are recommended

    14. Unless otherwise stated, DOGS are not permitted at rides or events.

    15. All riders must adhere to these BSTHRC rules and ATHRA’s Code of Conduct.

    16. Rider participation signifies understanding and acknowledgement of these Rules, and a willingness to comply.

  • Category
    Victorian Event
  • Location & full address
    99 Birch’s Creek Road, Kingston
  • Date & Time
    Jul 08 2021 at 09:00 AM - Jul 08 2021 at 02:30 PM
  • Event Admins
    Ballarat Social Trail Horse Riders Club Inc



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