Lake Keepit Bush Camp Christmas Party

Lake Keepit Bush Camp Christmas Party
Lake Keepit Bush Camp Christmas Party
Dec 09

Lake Keepit Bush Camp Christmas Party

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Location: Lake Keepit
Date & Time: Dec 09 2017 at 03:00 PM - Dec 10 2017 at 01:00 PM
Event Admins: Big Sky Trailblazers

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  • Discription

    Ride: Lake Keepit Bush Camp Christmas Party - 9th to 10th December

     To start riding at 3:00pm Saturday

    Rides: This weekend is more a social event than major riding one. But please get there early enough so that you are setup and ready to go on time

     Saturday afternoon around 3pm for a few hours

     Sunday ride only if you as a group decide you want a small ride before leaving

    Rating: 1 – 2 easy with some hills and rocks, you may be able to swim your horse if you want

    Yarding: No yards bring your own

    Water: Bring your own buckets there is a hose at the toilet block but bring what water you can

    Food: Anyone with special dietary requirements please let us know so we can provide for you

     Drinks bring your own

     Saturday Bring your own lunch if you haven’t eaten by the time you get there

     Party BBQ everyone to bring their own meat and a salad or dessert to share. Please let us know what you are bringing so we can co-ordinate the food

     Sunday Club will provide breakfast for $6 per person

    Facilities: Camping. This is the area we are allowed to have the horses stay for the duration of the night, and where we humans are allowed to set up camp. There is no power to this area and it is ‘free range’. There is a toilet block and a cold shower. The cost for bush camping for the night is $16.00 per vehicle, (which covers two people – any further people are $9.00). For those just coming for the day its $11.00 per car for a day pass. We are allowed to have a campfire, so please bring whatever wood you can as you cannot use any from Keepit this depends on the weekend. Remember to bring your food and drinking water and whatever your horse requires, including temporary yard. Following the ride please be sure to remove all rubbish and spread manure so as to leave the area as we found it. Please note the horses are not permitted in the area of the cabins, playgrounds, kiosk etc

    RSVP: By the 6th December to

     It is important that we know you are coming as we have to give Lake Keepit a list of people who are coming for the main gate.

  • Category
    New South Wales Event
  • Location & full address
    Lake Keepit
  • Date & Time
    Dec 09 2017 at 03:00 PM - Dec 10 2017 at 01:00 PM
  • Event Admins
    Big Sky Trailblazers