Illawarra Horse Trail Riders Inc

Illawarra Horse Trail Riders Inc

Illawarra Horse Trail Riders Inc

Club information
Name: Illawarra Horse Trail Riders Inc

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  • Description

    Illawarra Horse Trail Riders is a non competitive club.  We enjoy the social aspect just as much as the riding. 

    The rides vary from one day, weekends to week long camps.  

    We ride over vast and varied terrain, we expect all members to possess reasonable riding experience and have control of their horse at a walk, trot & canter.

    Memberships expire at the end of a calendar year: 31st December.

  • History

    Formed in 1998, following a Charity Ride.

  • Category
    New South Wales
  • Club Admin
    Illawarra Horse Trail Riders Inc
  • Current Executives
    President: John Vandehaar
    Vice President: Ralph Cobarcho
    Secretary: Christine Vlietstra
    Treasurer: Ann Garard
    Ride Coordinators: Ray Vlietstra, Ralph Cobarcho, John Van De Haar

  • Contact Details

    President:  John Vandehaar  0417 360357

    Vice President:  Ralph Cobarcho  0401 625563

    Secretary: Christine Vlietstra:  0438 571280

    Treasurer: Ann Garard  0408 621875 

    Ride Co-Ordinators:  John Vandehaar0417 360357, Ray Vlietstra  0413 112400, Ralph Cobarcho 0401 625563


    Club Address: Spoonbill place, Albion Park, NSW, 2527