Congratulations to Chantelle for achieving Trail Boss Accreditation at Albany on 27 Jan 2019. Our club now has 3+ accredited Trail Bosses,  including Jane and Julie, plus those Associate members from WA Horse Trekkers club who also hold Accreditation, and have joined our club as well. Congratulations also go to Robin, who achieved her Trail Boss status at Albany. Robin's primary club is WA Horse Trekkers.  We are now in a much better position to run more Trail Rides this year under the ATHRA Code of Conduct.

Hopefully another Accreditation Training weekend will be held later in the year, and I would encourage more members to have a go. It's a great way to learn about trail riding in a group, for your own personal safety and awareness  and that of others, when riding out in the bush. The more people we have accredited the easier and safer it is to run trail events. 

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