Mc Gauran's Beach Ride Report 23/11/2014


Running a bit late, the horse was quickly unloaded, saddled up and off we went. Thank You all for waiting. Could not have asked for a better day.  No wind just beautiful blue sky.

With a lovely walk and a chat through different bush tracks and many types of trees, also Kangaroos in the distance, then off to the beach, down the sand dune we went, EASY, WOO HOO.

Thank You all for your encouragement. Horsey behaved very well, waves were too scary to go near but he enjoyed walking through the gutters of water. It was lovely to see all the horses going along beautifully.

After 3 hours riding, which seemed to go really quickly we had a lovely lunch, Thank You Rod and Graham.

Then we all loaded up again homeward bound. A very happy chappy, Horse and rider slept like a log that night.

Thank you all.