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Access - Victoria

Welcome to the VICTORIAN trails and access web page.

The purpose of this page is to assist ATHRA VIC members with any riding track access issue they may have.

Increasingly, public  land managers such as local councils, ParksVic and DELWP are placing limitations on users of their lands.  Also, as the Victorian population grows and there are more recreational demands, not only by horse riders but by other users such as trail bikers and 4WD clubs, on bush and forest areas, ATHRA members are competing more for quiet and safe enjoyment of these lands.

Our ATHRA Code of conduct encourages members to respect these lands and follow requirements of the land managers. At the same time, it is important that horse riders are not disadvantaged while other users, particularly of the passive kind, like us, are not.

If there is any opportunity, while riding or in any other context, to establish a rapport with the land manager, eg. with the DELWP officers or ParksVic rangers, then do so.  Being friendly, approachable and informative yourself, may encourage a more positive attitude to horse riders.  For example, if you are out riding and notice an unauthorised dump of rubbish or a damaged fence or cavaletti, do report it.  This can help officials to see horse riders as an attentive, useful and valuable aid to lands management.

If you require ‘higher’ help from ATHRA with an access issue please  provide us as many of the following details as possible:
1.Park or area name and address,
2.Ranger or council officer name and contact details if known and applicable,
3.Specific tracks you want access to or have difficulties using,
4.What are the actual issues – conflict with other users, lost access when it was available in the past, damaged and dangerous trails?
5.What signage, if any is relevant to the track/s,
6.Frequency of your use and what you know of other horse rider usage of the area

Do remember that if the track of concern is well known to you, you probably have more on the ground information about it than we can obtain. So please, think about the level of assistance that is achievable by ATHRA..

We can make phone enquiries and write a complete submission for you, provide guidance or after reviewing your own personal submission (and possibly requesting some changes) have it endorsed by ATHRA VIC which will give it a little more ‘weight’.

We encourage you to speak with other horse riders, whether or not ATHRA members, to gain their insight, support and any relevant information to assist.
Where ATHRA might have access to such information, we aim to keep members  informed of the status of management plans that may affect  access to riding horse tracks in Victoria. 

The proposed Great Forest National Park (GFNP) to the east of Melbourne is a key example.The GFNP is in the Central Highlands region of Victoria, located around towns such as Healesville, Kinglake, Noojee, Toolangi, Warburton, Marysville and Woods Point. Many ATHRA members in Victoria live or ride in and around these areas.  The proposed  GFNP will see a considerable expansion of and changes to the tenure of public lands and former logging forests.

For more information or if you need assistance contact: Mary Hughes,  ATHRA’s Victorian Access Issues Manager  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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