Horse Riding And Road Safety

HorseSA has prepared the Horse Riding and Road Safety Handbook.  ATHRA thanks Julie Fiedler for her continued hard work and dedication to all aspects of the horse industry.

"Few riders can escape riding on roads near or with traffic. No matter how good a rider you are in the arena or on a cross country course, you will always be challenged with issues of safety for you and your horse while riding on the roads.

 In most situations, drivers will mostly think two things about horse riders on public roads:

  •  you shouldn’t be on the road (which is not correct) or ;
  •  you can completely control your horse at all times, and therefore do not need any special considerations as another road user

Traffic volumes are increasing and through lack of education and life experiences, most drivers do not understand the likely behaviour of horses they are passing on the road. In addition, by law riders must take responsibility for their actions on public roads.

To make our riding experience on roads a safe and pleasurable one, due courtesy and consideration must be given to all other road users. The aim of this booklet, in conjunction with the Australian Road Rules (including the Driver’s Handbook), is to promote responsible, considerate and courteous riding on the roads by all riders. It will also promote, the training of horses to be on roadways and roadside trails.

It will raise the riders awareness of safety, and encourage them to dress in clearly visible clothing and to participate in any riding and road safety horse and/or rider training courses."