Our History

ATHRA (The Australian Trail Horse Riders Association) was formed way back in 1972 at Gatton in south-east Queensland to fill a much needed gap for those people who enjoyed horses, our heritage, the outdoors and camaraderie all encompassed within a non competitive leisure horse pursuit.

Today ATHRA boasts over 100 clubs around Australia with a membership base of approximately 3500 members. ATHRA has a national organisation structure with Regional Managers supporting the needs of clubs and members in all states and territories.

ATHRA is primarily a leisure trail horse riding organisation that provides to its members the ability to ride anywhere that permits horse access and with any ATHRA club. What this means is once you become an ATHRA club member, you belong to a national organisation, which effectively opens up the whole of Australia to our members and wherever they travel with their horse, they’re sure to be welcomed by the local club and enjoy the riding and hospitality of that area.

ATHRA provides to its members a comprehensive set of benefits that include but is not limited to:

  • A standardised set of forms to help the running of a club;
  • A Code of Conduct (link to code)to ensure all clubs comply to a set of guidelines that minimise risks to its participants and the environment;
  • Low cost comprehensive public liability and personal Insurance;
  • Alignment and support to the Australian Horse Alliance, a body setup to lobby local, state and federal government bodies to ensure continued access for horse riders;
  • Belonging to a national transparent family oriented organisation where the focus is on enjoyment and care of the environment, riding your horse all with like minded people; and
  • Education in horsemanship, care for the environment and how to minimise the risks in conducting horse trail rides.

Recreational trail horse riding is a non-competitive, relaxing and enjoyable activity that the whole family can enjoy together. People of all ages and professions share the delight of riding leisurely along safe trails, a rare commodity in today's busy world.


Clubs normally arrange at least one ride per month sometimes more, this could be a day ride lasting around 3-6 hours, weekend rides covering the entire weekend or longer periods, for example the ATHRA NSW February Snowy Camp lasting anywhere up to 10 days. Of course you don’t have to ride the entire time, you can elect to stay in camp and relax around the camp fire!

ATHRA is a way of life for the whole family; it provides access to the most remote and beautiful places most people only dream of!

Join a club today or form your own Club! What’s stopping you?