Want to join a club?

Welcome to ATHRA!

If you go to our map on the home page, click on your State and a list of clubs in your State will come up.  Search for the one closest to you and contact the club secretary who will send you all the information you need.  Check to see if it isn’t already on their club page.  For example, if you want to join the Leisure Coast Trail Horse Riders, click on NSW, then Leisure Coast and you will be taken to their page on this site.  From there you can download their ride calendar, memberships forms etc.  If you would like more information contact the club secretary.

Once you join one ATHRA club and you are able to ride with any other ATHRA affiliated club in the Nation!  As mentioned above, you can even join two or more ATHRA clubs and only pay the National (insurance) component of the fee once.