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Be a part of Australia’s premier representative body for Trail Horse Riders.

Ride with confidence when you have an ATHRA club membership.

ATHRA provides members with great value and benefits.

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Ready to start a Club?

DSCN3780ATHRA will provide you with all the support needed to start your club.

Each state has different incorporation requirements but they are all very similar. It is recommended that you follow the links below for the state you live in to ensure you follow the correct process:

New South Wales:


Northern Territory:




South Australia:






Western Australia:


Once you understand the legal requirements of starting an incorporated club you will then be required to complete the relevant affiliation form and club executive advice. The following are some general tips.in to ensure you follow the correct process:

  • advertise a public meeting in the local paper, produce shop or saddlery stating the intention of forming a trail horse riding club. You are welcome to contact a member of the ATHRA Executive to see if they could attend the meeting (or be available by phone at the time of the meeting to assist with queries).

  • at the meeting, which would be chaired by the convenor, explain the purpose of the meeting and the objectives of ATHRA.
  • move the following motions:

"That the ...................... Trail Horse Riders Club now be formed by the persons present. The name of the club can be as the meeting wishes - `Trail Horse Riders Club ' is only a suggestion).

"That the objectives of the club are to enjoy, promote and publicise the recreational values of horse riding along nature trails, and in furtherance of this object…..

Examples of other objects that could be used:

  • to organise trail rides in this or other districts
  • to encourage family participation in non-competitive horse riding
  • to foster awareness of the usefulness and abilities of the horse
  • to encourage horse riders in the protection and conservation of the natural Australian flora and fauna
  • to co-operate with others in the setting up and maintenance of trails
  • to foster in horse riders and Australians generally an awareness of road and other safety rules in regards to horse riding
  • to affiliate with the Australian Trail Horse Riders Association (ATHRA)
  • to assist ATHRA in the realization of its objects, and in particular with the maintenance of the Bicentennial National Trail
  • to work for the establishment, legislation and preservation of trails in the district, and support other organisations that focus on trails

As soon as possible after the meeting, the Secretary should advise the Association (via the membership registrar at ATHRA) of the formation of your club, providing the affiliation form, club executive advice and members' names and addresses, and arranging a direct deposit of the annual affiliation and membership fees.

Upon affiliation, the club is automatically covered by ATHRA's Public Liability insurance policy and Personal Accident insurance policy. This policy covers any official event organized by the club (eg, trail rides, social/fun days, meetings, etc). On receipt of the affiliation fee your club will be approved by the Board and affiliated with ATHRA.

The club will be set up on the ATHRA website with their own club page and will be required to set up the on-line membership component to allow automatic membership payments.

Once on-line membership is set up it provides fast and secure membership facilities and reduces the club membership processing paperwork.

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